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ZHONGXING Container IDC- Ideal for agile deployments

n recent years, with the rapid development of big data, Internet of Things, edge computing and other technologies, it has also put forward higher requirements for data centers. The "marginal, temporary, and explosive" characteristics of data growth have brought new application scenarios and deployment requirements to data centers, such as edge data centers/computer rooms and emergency disaster recovery rooms. The new scenarios require data centers to deploy quickly and flexibly, and quickly obtain computing power anytime and anywhere.

Traditional data centers, from planning and design to approval, from civil construction to decoration, from equipment installation to integrated wiring, involve a large number of specialties, a huge amount of engineering, complex construction process, and a long construction period, which cannot meet the business needs in the above application scenarios. Therefore, how to quickly and efficiently complete the construction and deployment of data centers and obtain computing power in a short time? At the same time, taking into account green energy saving and low-carbon economy, it has become the primary issue for IDC managers, and ZXCT Container IDC, which adopts the concept of modularity and prefabrication, is an ideal choice for agile deployment of data centers.

ZXCT Container IDC, as the name suggests, is a new type of data center with standard container body instead of civil construction as the envelope structure, through the concept of modularization and prefabrication, internal integration of cabinets, power distribution, refrigeration, integrated wiring, fire security, monitoring and management of all systems, using the factory prefabrication, factory commissioning production mode, through the whole machine transportation, on-site wiring. Realize agile deployment in any scenario, so that the computing power network is at your fingertips. Container IDC is a pre-configured complete solution that does not require additional hardware configuration, and only needs to access the utility, network, and water source at the deployment site to operate independently. This feature makes the deployment of ZXCT container IDC more mobile and flexible, and can be applied to almost any scenario, avoiding the difficulty of site selection and eliminating the cost of land or plant construction.

The container deployment scenario can be used as a communication room in a location that is not convenient for data center construction, such as a railway logistics station or a transportation port port, or in a complex and changeable geographical environment or a wild natural environment.


  Scenario 1Station along railway line


Container IDC can be distributed along the railway, replacing the original computer room as a communication station along the railway. The modular design makes the equipment layout more reasonable and improves the space utilization rate. The cabinet is routed from the top. Separate strong and weak power to facilitate maintenance. The high standard of enclosure insulation and corrosion protection allows the station to operate stably while withstanding the challenges of the harsh environment along the railway. The automatic fire protection system is integrated into the unified supervision of the background through operation and maintenance, which is convenient for the owner to remote unified monitoring and maintenance.

  Scene 2: Large-scale sports events, conference venues, railway stations, airports and other transportation hubs with huge traffic flow during special periods

Areas with short bursts of human traffic cause instantaneous spikes in data traffic, which brings new computing power needs. The traditional mode of data center deployment is lack of timeliness, ZXCT container IDC gets rid of the problem of long deployment cycle of traditional data centers, completely customized assembly according to the computing demand forecast, and then transported to the stadium or transportation hub around the deployment, the fastest 3-5 days can be completed, and greatly reduce the cost of computing power acquisition while agile deployment. After the demand for computing power returns to normal levels, ZXCT Container IDC can also be dismantled and recycled to meet business needs and avoid resource waste.

 Scene 3: Earthquake relief command scene

At the earthquake relief site, the original communication room facilities may have been damaged, and new communication facilities need to be deployed quickly to meet the disaster relief communication requirements. ZXCT Container IDC can be used as an emergency data center/computer room to achieve rapid deployment and service earthquake relief activities. If the deployment site construction is difficult, you can also deploy by special methods such as lifting. After the disaster relief is successful and the infrastructure is restored, it can also be recovered and dismantled.

With its fast and flexible, cost-saving, and minimalist delivery features, ZXCT Container IDC is increasingly used in special scenarios such as edge data centers and emergency disaster recovery rooms. Through agile deployment, container IDCs are closer to business scenarios and can quickly obtain computing power anytime and anywhere. In addition to the specific scenarios listed above, in logistics, ports, manufacturing and other industries with higher requirements for on-site adaptation and delivery capabilities, in field operations such as power, energy, industry, mining and emergency communication scenarios, as well as in the temporary expansion of data centers and disaster prevention backup data centers, ZXCT container IDC is useful.

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