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What are the design points of the outdoor communication integrated cabinet?

  As we all know, the traditional base station room covers a large area, the construction period is long and the construction cost is high. The operation consumes too much energy and many other deficiencies; The design and manufacture of outdoor integrated communication cabinet can integrate the power supply equipment, communication equipment, temperature control system, lighting system and dynamic ring detection system to replace the traditional base station room. It has the advantages of small floor area, fast construction, low cost, less energy consumption and can be widely used in a variety of climate conditions. The exterior plate of the outdoor communication integrated cabinet is 45mm thick and consists of fireproof materials and galvanized steel plates with thermal insulation. It is assembled with outer boxes, inner metal parts, and accessories. The cabinet is divided into equipment room and battery room according to its functions. Compact structure, easy installation, excellent sealing performance


  Temperature control by subdivision is implemented inside the outdoor communication integrated cabinet:

1. The air conditioning equipment vaporizes the low-pressure liquid refrigerant in the evaporator to absorb heat, and the high-pressure gaseous refrigerant liquifies and releases heat in the condenser. The compressor and throttling device are used to compress and throttle the refrigerant, so as to realize the whole refrigeration cycle and cool the equipment cabinet.

2. The air conditioner has the function of automatic refrigeration/heating. According to the amount of heat in the cabinet and the outdoor condition of the cabinet, the air conditioner with different abilities is equipped to ensure the temperature range of the cabinet is 0℃ ~ 35℃, constant temperature and humidity.

3. The heating component has the temperature control function. When the air temperature in the battery cabinet is lower than 0 ° C, the battery starts to heat and stops when the air temperature in the battery cabinet reaches 10 ° C.

4. When installing heating components and generating thermal radiation, ensure that the surface temperature of the battery near the heating components is controlled within 30 ° C, and local high temperature phenomenon is prohibited.

  Main features of the outdoor communication integrated cabinet are as follows:


1. The box body is dustproof, sun protection, rain proof and so on, fully adapted to the outdoor environment;

2. The equipment cabinet body adopts ventilation and heat dissipation (heat exchanger can also be used as heat dissipation equipment), MTBF≥50000h;

3. The battery cabinet adopts semiconductor refrigeration;

4. Each cabinet is equipped with DC-48 V lighting fixtures.

5. The cabinet layout is reasonable, allowing easy operation and maintenance, such as leading, securing, and grounding cables. Power line, signal line and optical cable have independent inlet hole, will not interfere with each other;

6. The cables inside the cabinet are made of flame retardant materials.

7. The cables inside the cabinet are made of flame retardant materials.

8. The cabinet is assembled onsite.

  The integrated outdoor communication cabinet developed by ZXCT Jinhua can be designed according to the different requirements of customers. Our products have been widely used all over the country.

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