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Jinhua Zhongxing Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in the R&D, production, and installation of outdoor shelter, outdoor cabinets, outdoor base station, mergency telecom base station, towers and other communication base stations, as well as outdoor supporting facilities for data centers, environmental, transportation, power, and climate monitoring station.


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Industry dynamics
  • 5G base station telecom integration outdoor cabinet and digital energy cabinet came out!


    5G base station telecom integration outdoor cabinet and digital energy cabinet came out! Recently, China Mobile Design Institute released two independent research and development of domestic first, international leading digital intelligent power supply products - 5G base station telecommunications integration outdoor cabinet and digital energy cabinet, in order to improve the power supply efficiency in the field of information and communication, reduce energy consumption, shorten the construction cycle, save construction costs.

  • Communication base station Telecom integration outdoor cabinet Basic configuration!


    The size and configuration of the telecommunication integrated outdoor cabinet, according to the functions used, the telecommunication integrated outdoor cabinet of the telecommunication base station can be generally divided into power cabinet (integrated cabinet for installing power supplies and batteries), equipment cabinet (equipment compartment, cabinet or cabin for installing other equipment other than power supplies and batteries), battery cabinet (battery compartment, battery compartment), and battery cabinet. A cabinet or compartment for installing batteries, a power cabinet or compartment for installing power supplies and distribution units. According to the current bidding of China Tower, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, the telecom integration outdoor cabinet is generally divided into two specifications.

  • The key to the normal operation, safety and stability of telecom integrated outdoor cabinet equipment!


    The key to the normal operation, safety and stability of telecom integrated outdoor cabinet equipment! Rich in power resources, and has a large power generation, transmission and distribution integration of power system, low-voltage distribution box telecommunications integrated outdoor cabinet in a common cabinet, distribution box box box with spray plastic or galvanized Angle steel skeleton, coated with stainless steel plate, box surface without glare and reflection, The structural design should make the distribution box rain, dust, anti-theft, anti-leakage, anti-lightning, anti-electromagnetic interference, heat insulation, ventilation and heat dissipation, moisture-proof, sufficient strength to ensure that the transportation and installation process will not be deformed.

  • The importance of telecommunication integrated outdoor cabinet!


    It is an indispensable part of electrical equipment, and it is also the carrier of electrical control equipment, which can provide waterproof and dustproof on some of the storage equipment, as well as anti-electromagnetic interference protection. It is further divided into indoor and telecommunications integrated outdoor cabinets. It is very different in the use of the place above, generally speaking, the indoor cabinet can be selected according to the environmental conditions of the entire room to natural heat dissipation or fan type of some cabinets, and outdoor then you need to adhere to the sealing.

  • Fire protection requirements in the general specification for containerized data centers


    The containerized data center room features rapid deployment, good flexibility, no climate and environmental impact, and strong regional adaptability. In the context of the increasing demand for data processing, containerized data center rooms are very popular and have played an important role in several large-scale data center projects. In the design scheme of containerized data center machine room project, fire protection design is an indispensable part, and the General Specification for Containerized Data Center Machine room GB/T 36448-2018 formulated after long-term discussion and summary of experience by the containerized data center machine room builder clearly lists the fire protection requirements. Standardize the setting of fire alarm system and fire extinguishing device. The fire protection requirements in the General Specification GB/T 36448-2018 for Containerized Data Center Rooms have 10 points: 1. Fire

  • Mobile rapid folding medical isolation shelter


    The mobile wing room is a living room that can be easily assembled and moved, which has the function of looking like a trailer and being a living room inside. This kind of housing is widely used in China, such as environmental protection public toilets, sanitation facilities, light steel houses, wood houses and so on. The mobile wing room has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, convenient construction, small environmental pollution and small investment. Low-cost, mobile wing or prefabricated housing is a prefabricated housing that can be hauled from a manufacturing plant to a residential base. Because it can be manufactured all year round and uses mass production technology, the construction cost of this house is relatively low. Mobile wing transport is usually unified production by the factory, and then transported to the destination. Therefore, some mobile homes have sliding or collapsible side walls to reduce the width of the house during transportation; Other houses are in

  • Rapid deployment command shelter Multi-functional support shelter -- ZXCT expands folding shelter


    In recent years, the field rescue mission is becoming more and more frequent. As the command hub of the fire brigade, the mobile command shelter is used more and more frequently. These mobile command shelters can be quickly built around the accident site, more timely and smooth command operations, and have strong battlefield adaptability. Expansion of folding shelter Innovative research and development of Zhongxing Jinhua folding shelter adopts the standard 30-foot container size, the use of "human" font folding structure to achieve space expansion. The front part of the command bunker is the equipment room, and the control system of the bunker is arranged. The middle is the actual meeting area, which can meet about 60 people on-site meeting; The rear is the equipment room, and the equipment of the field command auxiliary system is arranged in the shelter. The shelter can also be flexibly arranged according to the different needs of actual combat, bunk beds, field tables, etc., to achi

  • New folding insulation shelter settled in the snow border pass (more than 4,000 meters above sea level)


    (Part of the content of this issue is reproduced from the People's Liberation Army Daily 2021.12.14 public number) Xining Joint Logistics support Center to solve the problem of barracks construction in high and cold areas of the plateau - new folding insulation shelter settled in the snowy border ■ Wang Shengjun Sun Xingwei reporter of the People's Liberation Army Daily in the early winter, the altitude of more than 4,000 meters of the plateau somewhere cold wind, The new field barracks of a training force in the Xining Joint Logistics Support Center is warm as spring. Before the arrival of the winter, the new folding insulation shelter, which integrates accommodation, dining, bathing, toilet, entertainment and other functions, settled in the snow border pass, making everyone of the officers and soldiers happy. Aluminum base structure can be disassembled thermal insulation canteen. "The new folding insulation shelter is convenient to install and withdraw, complete supporting facilitie

  • Folding shelter set up field barracks on the spot cold was installed "from the sky"


    When the weather is cold and the ground is freezing, support exercises are busy. Chairman Xi pointed out that efforts should be made to build all logistics for war, adhere to the fundamental direction of ensuring war, and quickly solve the key and difficult problems that restrict the generation and improvement of logistics support capabilities. Modern warfare is not only a competition of combat effectiveness, but also a competition of logistical support capabilities. Faced with difficult and dangerous conditions, harsh environments, and complex weather conditions, with stronger logistical support capabilities, the chances of winning a war increase. A certain brigade of Shenyang Joint Logistics Support Center solidly carried out emergency support drills under adverse weather conditions, further enhancing the troops' full-time and comprehensive support capabilities. In the late November, Zhao Weiyu, a correspondent of Wang Xuechao, a special correspondent of the People's Liberation Army

  • Experience Norway's fjords and mountains in a capsule mobile home


    In the fjords and mountains of Norway's great wilderness, the introduction - creates a unique atmosphere of calm and freedom for the traveller. The minimalist design and small footprint bring occupants closer to nature both physically and experientially, providing comfort and framing views within the vast natural environment. Each cottage home features a color palette that echoes the Norwegian mountains and seems to blend naturally with its surroundings. The entire project consists of a range of bird box types, including mini and medium, which are defined by image Windows and a simply conceived plan that will be scattered across Norway's diverse and scenic landscape. The designer, who is also known for his award-winning sightseeing boat "Fjord View", commented: "In livit, we wanted to create a product that would deliver a unique experience with a minimal footprint

  • The mobile space capsule is a homestay experience full of technology


    Design + production + construction + operation one-stop service provider This is a node of the past and the future interwoven, a product of the era of the integration of nature and technology, but also the best medium for physical and mental release. What kind of homestays do people like? Our brand founder thinks,,, and two levels: body, mind, and soul. First, most of today's life is full of depression. A lot of decadent copywriting is filled with people's lives: "The ideal is very beautiful, the reality is very cruel" "before the poem and the distance are very beautiful, now the poem and the distance are very expensive" "Another day I don't want to work" "Life is so hard, I even forgot the taste of sugar"... In the final analysis, between bitter and sweet, there is only one chance, so a sense of technology, independence, freedom of travel

  • Eight departments encourage the opening of multi-plot construction camps in the future space capsule homestays will subvert traditional hotel homestays to help the development of cultural tourism scen


    In recent years, as the pace of urban life continues to accelerate, finding a comfortable country home in the mountains and experiencing the artistic conception of "picking chrysanthemals under the east hedge and leisurely seeing the south Mountain" is becoming the first choice for more and more tourists. In the middle of summer, walking into the nature, the rolling mountains are covered with clouds and fog, the rural cottages are scattered among them, the residential houses are very national characteristics, the tea gardens are lush, the rivers are green as jade, and the integration of cultural tradition and natural scenery makes the place more picturesque. The hot residential business is too confusing residential business hot, the flow of foreign tourists increased, to the local residents have brought a lot of trouble. Many residents reported that homestays have brought many problems to local security, infrastructure maintenance, internal traffic, nuisance and fire protection. Homest

  • Talk about the late use of camping tent outdoor shelter!


    Talk about the late use of camping tent outdoor shelter! Today, all over the big rush to build camping tents outdoor shelter climax. Overnight, camping tents and outdoor shelters for thousands of people to live and observe sprang up. The construction of container building blocks is very mature, the construction speed is fast, and the living quality is reasonable. Camping tent outdoor shelter or prefabricated structure building, is now also a new direction to explore in the field of architecture, Qatar World Cup is not there is a 974 stadium built by containers?

  • How much is the price of the outdoor shelter for the Pioneer camping tent?


    Camping tent outdoor shelter application scenario As an independent unit, when the epidemic occurs, can be rushed to the scene in the first time, camping tent outdoor shelter can be quickly set up in an independent and suitable venue, can achieve effective isolation and effective protection in accordance with the requirements, so as to provide guarantee for early DR Diagnosis in the prevention and control of novel coronavirus infection pneumonia. The mobility, flexibility, effectiveness, low dose and networking of camping tents outdoor shelter can be fully competent for the early imaging diagnosis of pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus, and meet the requirements of disinfection and isolation. Applicable to all kinds of emergency epidemic prevention, rescue and disaster relief scenarios.

  • What is a camping tent? What's the use?


    What is a camping tent? What's the use? What is camping tent Outdoor shelter: Outdoor shelter refers to the organic combination of a variety of solid materials, its volume is fixed or extensible with protective performance, can be carried by the van workshop. Due to the advantages of good mobility, rapid deployment, strong environmental adaptability, etc., it can adapt to sudden emergency medical rescue tasks, camping tents are widely used in communication, medical treatment, logistics support and other aspects.

  • How to solve the summer camping tent outdoor shelter cooling problem!


    How to solve the summer camping tent outdoor shelter cooling problem! The arrival of summer, camping tent outdoor shelter is generally placed outdoors, if subjected to long-term sunlight, camping tent outdoor shelter table temperature increase, camping tent outdoor shelter inside the office staff no doubt can not withstand such a long-term baking, from the problem clearly put forward a good way.

  • A provincial single data center micro-module integrated computer room construction scheme


    Background The existing equipment room of a radio monitoring station in a province has reached the limit of the space used in the equipment room. The equipment room cannot be installed on the shelves of new servers, and the infrastructure such as power supply and temperature regulation in the equipment room cannot meet the needs of IT equipment expansion. Customer requirements 1. Build a safe, reliable, green and energy-efficient data center room to provide a safe and stable operating environment for servers, storage and network equipment. 2, to meet the next 2-3 years of radio management system scale development and data growth trend, a certain forward-looking design, to provide sufficient compatibility and scalability design, making the data center room more flexible and scalable. Combined with the development of information computer room, the data center system of a radio monitoring station in a province is built according to demand and gradually expanded

  • Benefits of an integrated room


    The integrated machine room is actually the integration of the machine room, the solution is composed of low-voltage distribution system, AC and DC uninterrupted system, the precision air conditioning system of the machine room, and the centralized monitoring system of the power environment. Intelligent design is introduced in the scheme, intelligent air conditioning equipment and UPS power supply system are used as intelligent devices to access, UPS single battery monitoring system is installed, and environmental monitoring equipment is also equipped with equipment room to monitor the temperature, humidity, water and other environmental conditions, with high reliability, high efficiency, high availability application characteristics. The advantages of building an integrated computer room are as follows: 1, reduce the footprint: the area occupied by the integrated computer room is much less than that of the traditional computer room, which saves a lot of land area for the enterprise, a

  • Communication base station outdoor integrated cabinet [secret] technical performance indicators and main characteristics!


    Communication base station outdoor integrated cabinet [secret] technical performance indicators and main characteristics! Jinhua Zhongxing Communication Technology is a professional communication base station outdoor integrated cabinet manufacturer, outdoor communication room, environmental monitoring station room, air monitoring station room, atmospheric monitoring station cabinet, outdoor cabinet, outdoor integrated room, outdoor communication room, environmental protection station room,IDC integrated integrated room, communication base station outdoor cabinet, Has a complete communication base station outdoor integrated cabinet (shelter), tower mast production line, the annual production integration capacity of more than 10,000 sets. Dedicated to domestic and foreign communication operators, data integrators, environmental monitoring manufacturers and other customers, to provide three-dimensional, all-round product production and engineering delivery, operation and maintenance and o

  • What are the design points of communication base station outdoor integrated cabinet?


    What are the design points of communication base station outdoor integrated cabinet? As we all know, the traditional base station room has a large area, a long construction period and high construction cost. The operation consumes more energy and many other deficiencies; This design and manufacture of communication base station outdoor integrated cabinet can integrate power equipment, communication equipment, temperature control system, lighting system and dynamic ring detection system to replace the traditional base station room, communication base station outdoor integrated cabinet has the advantages of small floor area, fast construction, low cost, less energy consumption and so on, and can be widely used in a variety of climate conditions.

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