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Mobile rapid folding medical isolation shelter

The mobile wing room is a living room that can be easily assembled and moved, which has the function of looking like a trailer and being a living room inside. This kind of housing is widely used in China, such as environmental protection public toilets, sanitation facilities, light steel houses, wood houses and so on. The mobile wing room has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, convenient construction, small environmental pollution and small investment. Low-cost, mobile wing or prefabricated housing is a prefabricated housing that can be hauled from a manufacturing plant to a residential base. Because it can be manufactured all year round and uses mass production technology, the construction cost of this house is relatively low. Mobile wing transport is usually unified production by the factory, and then transported to the destination. Therefore, some mobile homes have sliding or collapsible side walls to reduce the width of the house during transportation; Other houses are in the shape of parts


Product features:

1, durable: all steel material, seismic, waterproof, windproof, fireproof, anti-corrosion.

2, environmental protection and energy saving: ready-to-use, use does not produce any operational waste; Can be recycled for up to ten years, environmental protection and energy saving.

3, flexible combination: you can use multiple containers to arbitrarily combine different shapes, different sizes of staff dormitories, management offices, temporary meeting rooms, dormitories, kitchens, bathrooms, etc., and very fast. 4, easy to disassemble and assemble: the container is the overall structure, the crane can be quickly transported to the destination, the site lifting, the day check-in, disassembly is simpler, directly lift away, all the living utensils inside can be lifted away together.

5, easy to move: the whole container can be moved to any location you want at any time with the lifting truck.



Features and Advantages:

Folding side room dormitory is suitable for dormitory, office, meeting room, kitchen, canteen, leisure room, nursing room, holiday room, warehouse and so on.

Product advantages:

1. Folding is convenient and fast. When the folding room is unfolded or merged, the auxiliary lifting tool can complete the folding, and the folding process only takes 5-10 minutes, which is very convenient.

2. Easy to transport Folding room size is only 2560×5800×350mm, the volume is very small, a 40-foot container at least 12, easy to long-distance transportation, transportation costs are greatly reduced.

3. Large expansion space, flexible layout folding wing size of 2560×5800×2570mm after expansion, greatly meet the living, office, business, care, storage and other functions.

4. Fully equipped folding wing floor, ceiling, door, window, latch have been matched in place, no need for secondary decoration, transport in place, open can be used.

5. Zero loss folding room will not lose other materials in the folding process, and the service life is greatly extended.

Group of containers quick folding isolation shelter

Features and Advantages:

The containerized camping shelter is a movable and reusable building product. The use of modular design, factory production, with the box as the basic unit, can be used alone, but also through the horizontal and vertical direction of different combinations to form a spacious space, the vertical direction can be stacked. The box unit structure is a standard component welded by special steel, and the box is connected by bolts. The structure is simple and the installation is convenient and quick.

1. High-end demand for temporary construction products on construction sites, such as office, accommodation and conference rooms for project managers

2, the construction site is limited by the site, can only install box-type composite room products;

3, field operation room; Such as: field exploration and construction mobile office, dormitory, etc.;

4. Emergency room use; Such as: military mobile command center, rescue mobile command center, disaster relief mobile command center, etc

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