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Jinhua Zhongxing Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in the R&D, production, and installation of outdoor shelter, outdoor cabinets, outdoor base station, mergency telecom base station, towers and other communication base stations, as well as outdoor supporting facilities for data centers, environmental, transportation, power, and climate monitoring station.


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  • Zhejiang Mobile Network Department and Jinhua ZXCT held a seminar on emergency equipment transformation and emergency communication technology services


    Recently, Zhejiang Mobile Network Department and Jinhua Zhongxing Communication Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "ZXCT") jointly sponsored the emergency equipment transformation and emergency communication technology service seminar in ZXCT conference room successfully held. Experts from various cities in Zhejiang Province participated in the seminar.

  • ZHONGXING Container IDC- Ideal for agile deployments


    In recent years, with the rapid development of big data, Internet of Things, edge computing and other technologies, it has also put forward higher requirements for data centers. The "marginal, temporary, and explosive" characteristics of data growth have brought new application scenarios and deployment requirements to data centers, such as edge data centers/computer rooms and emergency disaster recovery rooms. The new scenarios require data centers to deploy quickly and flexibly, and quickly obtain computing power anytime and anywhere. Traditional data centers, from planning and design to approval, from civil construction to decoration, from equipment installation to integrated wiring, involve many professions, huge amounts of engineering, complex construction process, and long construction period, and cannot meet the business needs in the above application scenarios. Therefore, how to quickly and efficiently complete the construction and deployment of data centers and obtain computing

  • "Core" surging tide! Beibu Bay Port container automation terminal data center construction completed


    On April 29, Beibu Gulf Port automated container Terminal data center B machine room construction was successfully completed, network equipment, server, storage three types of core equipment normal operation, marking Qinzhou Port Dalian Ping South operation area 7-8 berth automated container terminal project core system - hypermetro machine room began to have a "heartbeat". Lay a solid foundation for the automatic approach of the three major equipment and the on-line operation of the automatic control system. The data center room is the cornerstone of the operation of various systems in the automated container terminal, the "heart" of network interaction, and the "brain" of data computation and storage, which has high requirements for network security and stability. The construction of the data center room of the container automation terminal in Qinzhou Port adopts the industry-leading hypermetro data center scheme, which can realize the hypermetro and hypermetro of the network layer,

  • Equipment room requirements: Integrated equipment room solution


    An integrated equipment room, as the name implies, is a equipment room that integrates multiple physical infrastructures. Compared with traditional equipment rooms, the integrated equipment room has wider application scenarios and easier operation and maintenance. The integrated computer room solution helps you deal with the problems caused by monitoring, management, operation and maintenance, and expansion in a leisurely manner. 1. General configuration of the integrated equipment room solution: rack UPS, batteries installed in the cabinet, precision air conditioners, input and output power distribution modules, rack-mounted SEVOfluoropropane fire probe gas extinguishing system, power environment monitoring system (including dynamic ring display), cabinet with PDUs, air flow management components, etc. 2. Features of the integrated computer room solution (1) Safety and reliability All components comply with domestic and international standardized production standards, and factory pref

  • Brief introduction to military shelter standards


    In field conditions, the shelter can provide a suitable environment and effective protection for operators and electronic equipment. The United States began to develop and develop military shelters in the 1950s. After decades of development, people have fully realized the superiority of shelters in mobility, technology, usability, economy and logistics support, etc., and shelters have been widely used in direct combat, technical support and logistics support equipment. All countries are actively developing military shelters, and the corresponding standards and norms are constantly improving. The United States military shelter represents the advanced level and technical development direction of the world today, whether in product development, technical standards, technical performance, or in the application of technology manufacturing and equipment are in the world

  • The PLA plateau settled in the folding insulation shelter 20 minutes to complete the manual construction


    In the cold winter, the Chinese military has strengthened logistical support for plateau border guards, and settled thermal shelter in the snowy border pass to realize the integration of accommodation, dining, bathing, toilet use and entertainment. According to Xinhua News Agency on Dec. 14, a training unit of the Xining Joint Logistics Support Center has settled a new foldable insulated shelter on a plateau more than 4,000 meters above sea level, which integrates accommodation, dining, bathing, toilet use and entertainment. Wei Wuzeng, director of the military facilities Construction Department of the center, said, "The new folding insulation shelter is convenient to install and withdraw, complete supporting facilities, and good insulation, which can better meet the needs of base camping support." According to reports, the new folding insulation shelter adopts new aluminum alloy material, which effectively solves the thermal insulation problem of barracks under cold conditions; Use of

  • Design of environmental detectors in outdoor cabinets


    With the advancement of smart city information construction, as the hardware carrier of information equipment, the outdoor cabinet has also developed from the past small box, single device, extensive management to the direction of large-scale, highly integrated, fine intelligent management, the number of installations is also increasing, and the difficulty of outdoor cabinet operation, management and maintenance has also increased. At present, the operation and maintenance management of outdoor cabinets in cities mostly relies on inspection and repair, and managers are faced with various problems such as different types of outdoor cabinets, many management items, complex supervision contents, delayed problem discovery, and insufficient management personnel. This management mode is not only inefficient in dealing with problems, but also ignores the monitoring and management of the most important cabinet for outdoor equipment. To solve this problem, this paper designs a set of multifunct

  • ETC door frame outdoor integrated computer room settled in Rongwu high-speed, speeding up the intelligent high-speed


    With the cancellation of all provincial toll stations and grid-connected switching operation, ETC development has entered a new stage, and the construction wave in the post-ETC era has become increasingly hot. Recently, ETC door frame outdoor integrated computer room settled in Rongwu high-speed, after a period of trial operation, has successfully completed the project acceptance. Rongwu Expressway is a highway connecting Rongcheng City of Shandong Province and Wuhai City of Inner Mongolia, with a total length of 1,820 kilometers, spanning Shandong, Hebei, Tianjin, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia. It is one of the national East-west traffic arteries. The opening of Rongwu Expressway provides convenient transportation for the eastern part of the country to enter the western part of the country, which is of great significance for further promoting close exchanges between the east and the west and realizing economic complementarity. With the wide application of new technologies such as cloud co

  • Urban outdoor landscaping machine room


    With the arrival of the 5G era, the demand for communication network construction has increased greatly, and operators continue to increase their investment in network construction to improve the coverage of a new generation of wireless networks. At the same time, people's awareness of environmental protection and beautification is also improving, and residents around the base station are becoming more and more sensitive to and even disgusted by wireless electromagnetic radiation. Factors such as the unsatisfactory location of base station construction, disputes between owners and neighbors, and administrative restrictions of government management departments are still the problems plaguing the site selection of base station construction, and factors such as residents' sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation and the needs of base station beautification have gradually become the key to deciding the site selection of base station construction. The beautification of the machine room is p

  • Application case of green and low-carbon development of information and communication industry -- Communication outdoor computer room (cabinet) temperature control energy-saving equipment and comprehe


    Jinhua Zhongxing Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company that researches, develops, produces and installs outdoor computer room, outdoor cabinet, outdoor shelter, emergency communication equipment, communication tower and other communication base stations and outdoor supporting facilities of environment, traffic, power and climate monitoring stations. The company has steel structure engineering professional contracting level 3, communication engineering general contracting level 3 qualification, radio and television communication tower mast production license (original). Has a complete outdoor machine room cabinet (shelter), tower mast production line, the annual production integration capacity of more than 10,000 sets. For communication operators, environmental monitoring manufacturers, Internet of Things data service providers and other customers, to provide outdoor high airtight performance, high thermal insulation performance, all-weather all-terrain environmen

  • Module assembly, service linkage - ZXCT outdoor support shelter module strength recommendation!


    At present, all kinds of wild rescue and rescue, large-scale training and other activities occur from time to time, and the ensuing efficient protection of the field has become an urgent issue to be solved. Service without environment, innovation, we refer to the principles of fast mobility, module assembly, practical practice, repeatedly develop the modular, combined joint service linkage support system, and finally formed the ZXCT outdoor shelter support module, and strive to contribute to the improvement of the field support efficiency of each system with the unique intelligent manufacturing mode of enterprises! As a powerful innovative product, the design inspiration of ZXCT outdoor support shelter module is derived from the design concept of the International Space Station, that is, each module is combined and assembled according to the functional logic and rationality, and then the module support organism is formed. The initial design support quantity is based on the field logist

  • How to choose the shelter laboratory manufacturers? Real shooting is the real strength!


    In order to solve the problem that many local nucleic acid testing laboratories do not meet the standards or insufficient, mobile mobile shelter laboratories have become the choice of many medical institutions, and there will be a lot of businesses flocked to the market demand, which is the real mobile PCR laboratory main manufacturers? Dare to do nucleic acid testing shelter laboratory factory real shooting, transparent production, is the real strength of shelter laboratory manufacturers. In fact, many customers do not have a very thorough understanding of the shelter laboratory, and feel that the simple laboratory built temporarily is the shelter laboratory, in fact, it is not. Authentic cabin laboratory refers to the production of the internal assembly of the box in the factory, and the functions required for the experiment are reflected in the inside of the container through the R & D team, such as decoration, furniture and equipment, water and electricity, water and electricity.

  • What is an outdoor cabinet?


    What is an outdoor cabinet?

  • Dust environment monitoring station real-time monitoring 【 Private 】 Key functions! Super environmental monitoring station room explanation!


    Dust environment monitoring station real-time monitoring 【 Private 】 Key functions! Super environmental monitoring station room explanation! Compared with other particulate matter monitoring systems, the threshold of dust source monitoring technology enterprises is not high, the cost is less, the effect is fast, and there is still a controllable development space with greater influence. However, in view of the characteristics of dust sources, it is still difficult to have a technical service system such as emission control standards, monitoring data specifications, dust environment monitoring station management and evaluation as other source management work, so there are still problems in our actual teaching work, and many economic difficulties. In practice, it is generally believed that there is a phenomenon that one tube is effective and one loose is rebound.

  • What are the [secret] advantages of the dust environment monitoring station? Super environmental monitoring station room commentary!


    What are the [secret] advantages of the dust environment monitoring station? Super environmental monitoring station room commentary! The advantages of dust environment monitoring station can effectively realize the real-time data monitoring of ten factors affecting the dust environment monitoring station, such as air temperature and humidity, noise, PM2.5, PM10, TSP, air pressure, wind speed, wind direction and wind power in the on-site working environment of construction workers.

  • The "private" application of dust environment monitoring station in environmental governance! Super environmental monitoring station room details


    The "private" application of dust environment monitoring station in environmental governance! Super environmental monitoring station room details! At present, environmental problems are more prominent, of which dust control is the key, so the dust environment monitoring station is very important, it can help us understand the environmental situation in real time, and according to the monitoring data to deal with dust problems. Introduction to Jingyu Environmental Technology The role of dust environmental monitoring station in the process of environmental governance.

  • Dust environment monitoring station intelligent [mystery] super environmental monitoring station room Answer!


    Dust environment monitoring station intelligent [secret] Super dust environment monitoring station Answer! Environmental quality, environmental control and environmental management are hot issues in recent years. Under normal circumstances, there are many types of equipment required for dust environment monitoring stations: dust environment monitoring stations, gas analysis, concentration testing, wind direction, humidity, carbon dioxide, etc., but also need to involve relevant professionals. In view of this market demand background, a comprehensive dust environment monitoring station was established.

  • Design solution of air monitoring station house


    Ambient air monitoring station is a kind of on-site automatic weather station, which is used for all-weather on-site monitoring of nine meteorological elements such as wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, solar radiation, soil temperature, soil humidity, etc. It is an important part of the weather station system. With mobile phone meteorological SMS function, it can communicate with the meteorological center computer through a variety of communication methods (wired, digital radio, GPRS mobile communication, etc.), and transmit meteorological data to the meteorological center computer meteorological database for statistical analysis and processing.

  • Air monitoring station in the online monitoring alarm device!


    Air monitoring station in the online monitoring alarm device! On-line monitoring and alarm device directly from the flue or chimney sampling to determine the content of total volatile organic compounds. The sample gas is treated by condensation, water removal and multistage dust removal filtration system, and the photoionization (PID) sensor detection technology can quickly and accurately respond to TVOC in the air and exhaust cylinder.

  • Analysis and introduction of air monitoring equipment industry development


    Air quality monitoring system is a set of automatic monitoring instrument as the core of the automatic "measure-control" system, used to collect and analyze the status and change of ambient air quality, air quality daily and forecast issued plays an important role, and improve the level of air quality monitoring in China.

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