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"Core" surging tide! Beibu Bay Port container automation terminal data center construction completed



On April 29, Beibu Gulf Port automated container Terminal data center B machine room construction was successfully completed, network equipment, server, storage three types of core equipment normal operation, marking Qinzhou Port Dalian Ping South operation area 7-8 berth automated container terminal project core system - hypermetro machine room began to have a "heartbeat". Lay a solid foundation for the automatic approach of the three major equipment and the on-line operation of the automatic control system


The data center room is the cornerstone of the operation of various systems in the automated container terminal, the "heart" of network interaction, and the "brain" of data computation and storage, which has high requirements for network security and stability.

The data center of the container automation terminal in Qinzhou Port adopts the industry-leading active-active data center solution to realize active-active network layer, computing layer, and storage layer. If any active-active room fails, it can be switched to another room within seconds without affecting production operations.

Simply understood, it is like buying a critical medical insurance policy, in case of an accident in one of the computer rooms, there is another computer room can be hot standby, so that the service recovery time in extreme scenarios is shortened from 2 hours to 1 minute.

Four "guardians"

In terms of network, the dual-core virtualization mode is adopted to truly realize the failover of core equipment without stopping, and the availability of the network reaches 99.999%.

According to the project construction plan, the first batch of 6 automatic rail gantry cranes of Qinzhou Port automated container terminal will arrive at the site of Qinzhou Port at the end of May, the second batch and the third batch of automation core equipment will arrive at the site of Qinzhou Port in June, which will once again set off a new upsurge in the construction of Beibu Gulf Port automated terminal.

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